This is a New Year? We Write Poems prompt #194

We need to remember what was good,
before the storm takes it away,
the confusion of day makes us a prisoner,
the incense smoulders leaving
the fumes undetectable surrounded with prayers,
it’s the resurrection of my thoughts in civilization.


16 responses to “This is a New Year? We Write Poems prompt #194

  1. A beautiful thought. I think you have an extra word in line 3?

  2. And Happy New Year to you!!! Remember, confusion, incense smolders, fumes, prayers, and thoughts.

  3. Thanks, Annell. I will be around to read everyone shortly.

  4. Your opening lines and your conversation with Viv have me worried…sending you a hug, for what it’s worth…Remember to breathe, my friend and thanks for joining in, especially at this time.


  5. i am sorry you are going through what you are pamela…i hope that the doctor can find out what the problem is and give you some answers….keep hope…i know it is hard when you have no answers but hang in there…you got my prayers….

  6. Sorry for the news, Pamela, and sending wishes for his recovery. The poem is a reflection.

  7. Love transmits itself in waves from here to there. The storm is a strong metaphor.

  8. Storms swirl up much, including friends from all over the world who offer up prayers, incense and thoughts for you and your husband.

  9. Resurrected thoughts are more powerful when unleashed. It is known to be therapeutic. Wishing you the best Pamelita!


  10. Thanks everyone for your kind words, but this is out of my hands and in the capable hands of our doctor we have, or it is simply how life turns out. Whether we agree with the outcome or not. I love Michael he is my buddy and confidant. My true love.

  11. You leave us with good advice in the first two lines. Whatever the outcome, may you have peace and comfort in the coming year.


  12. Remembering what was good is sound advice, but not always easy.

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