To No-Good Gods Who Suffer Not We Write Poems #01

As sepia rage eats fluid blood, beaming crowds laugh kind, for virgin-fish see separate, in mouthing mourn’s dismay, deguazed in plough-sick beams array.
Alone as archers severe lips, and yearling kids sink miser flora, sickness smiles entrust, to no-good gods who suffer not and laugh in neon giddiness – surrender whilst you can, you fool, before your drool takes hold and ne’er let’s go – this is the possible end of midnight, untrodden whiskey rots at last.


8 responses to “To No-Good Gods Who Suffer Not We Write Poems #01

  1. Whew! And again, whew! Beautifully angry and reminds me of Shakespeare for some reason, not sure why. Powerful in its steadfast intent. Hats off to you my friend,


  2. I could feel anger at those no-good gods come through your words. These words – “before your drool takes hold and ne’er let’s go ” created such an image. I could see where and why that anger would be directed towards those gods.

  3. Do I see anger or maybe consternation or exasperation. Some things just refuse to be right however much one takes care of them. Nicely Pamelita!


  4. really intriguing how you use language in this…addressing he feeling but not directly really or wrapping it in symbolism and metaphor….

  5. This seems like another amazing piece! You are really on a roll….what a wonderful beginning to the New Year!…those no good Gods!

  6. We can be the architects of our own fate…letting whiskey and the like rot.
    Hope from the disquieted voice of reason?

    I played here:

  7. This is a psychedelic read, Pamela.

  8. This reads a little like a cross between Shakespeare and Jim Morrison, both on acid. I think also of a poem by Barbara Fant, “Somewhere Veins Are Leaking”….and I guess the most appropriate way to describe this poem is a leaking vein. Dark and powerful.


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