Missus Mythology We Write Poems #195-Weather Report

Mrs. Sophist
invited a turn
when Cavendish life
knew me, abandoned elsewhere by everyone;
but insistence that’s something without
affinity told scrupulosity by man
for man

studied house might regard
my slicked problem with
scrupled fedora
meant for her as she
danced, all was nothing.

Mrs. Didn’t,
resembled significance, of tarantella danger,
Mr.If her husband — a dancer, lonely and crazed
and at night
she’s marital to
all, her world of sadness if
there had been different music

which stopped and seemed for all who called
missus mythologized; she was.

The slightest with all naïve sense,
hardly this meaning man
he’s an equal philosophy desired
and anyone might be deceased when alive
needy as she was.

An oily apparent sophomore wolf in the woods
all splattered to his phrases
and beyond gorgeous who knew being wanted
was an honour, despite this could be her between anyone
and forgive a man who cares, Mrs. Let awaits.


3 responses to “Missus Mythology We Write Poems #195-Weather Report

  1. My favorite part was an oily apparent sophomore wolf in the woods! You are doing wonderful writes!

  2. two things jumped out at me toward the end there….
    the being deceased when alive…and the being wanted being an honour

  3. Being wanted is an honor even when it comes from a sophomore wolf in the woods. The being deceased when alive also caught my attention. The Missus is moody and therefore very interesting,


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