Bend Back and Sigh The Sunday Whirl #144

Flickers outline this courtyard,
where they carry their young
to turn to ash.

This is where death–pigeon eyes
burn biblical.

Then the phone rings;
and everything seems too clean.


12 responses to “Bend Back and Sigh The Sunday Whirl #144

  1. Every word in this is etched like a curse or a spell, a prophecy,–something from a sacred or damned tongue. One of your very best, pamela.

  2. Anything that begins with flickers is off to a fine start. This poem seems dream-like and carries a sense of something out of place or just out of reach.

  3. Realities have a way of taking one back a step. Even a call can effectively reconnect one to the real world. Nicely written Pamelita!


  4. Oh my. The last couplet hurts. A sense of foreboding comes thorough this piece. Well done. You are in my thoughts.

  5. Thanks all for nice comments. I am completely exhausted and have to get to bed, 8 o’clock, yes, I know it’s early, but I can’t stay up a minute longer. I will read around to read you tomorrow after work.

  6. that opening stanza is harsh…it def gets the attention…and i like the contrast between the ash in the first and the all too clean in the last….

  7. This poem is one big shudder of foreboding. It set m hairs on end.

    I hope you are able to rest and recoup your strength.

  8. Seems a warning, and then….the phone rings. Amazing!

  9. That phone really resonates..sometimes it can be a welcome break from the thoughts..hope you slept well

  10. I wasn’t expected that last verse, but I like it a lot. Wishing you well.

  11. I didn’t sleep well, and today was tough with home life and work. I will visit this week, simply not sure what day this week. Please be patient with me, my poet friends. It is almost 10:30 pm and I just sat down to eat a salad and I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow. I will be around to read. I feel so guilty not doing so now, but I cannot concentrate.

I appreciate all comments.

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