“Where I Live” The Sunday Whirl #145

The whale writes,
darkening the air.

large and small,
my mother gifts exquisite to me.

And now, I am as poor as time sustained;
beached with patience,
my discipline lives.


23 responses to ““Where I Live” The Sunday Whirl #145

  1. And it will continue to do so. Discipline is sometimes the only crutch that keeps us up right and moving, even though slowly. Hugs from Wisconsin,


  2. Yes, discipline is a precious gift. Treasure it.

  3. Awesome, powerful and thunderingly heartfelt… This short piece speaks volumes of the wisdom and hard earned spirituality that, whatever our struggles, can somehow keep us upright and still gloriously alive creatively.

    A thrilling read… And your opening two lines – truly inspiring… Have six words ever said so much and so artfully encapsulated the essence of mortality. I doubt it very much! With Best Wishes as ever, Pamela…

    Scott http://www.scotthastie.com

  4. A stunner, Pamela! So many layers to each line. “I am as poor as time sustained” is brilliant. Well done, my friend.

  5. Ooooh “beached with patience” …love the compactness and power of this one 🙂

  6. So intriguing, Pamela… and I love the ending.

  7. The opening image is surreal and yet fitting..being beached and unable to move..discipline is probably one of the things to get you flying and swimming and singing again..

  8. th whale writing…and beached…nice tie back…and patience is not the easiest thing for me…but it is the disciplines that will carry us through…
    i am sorry you had a rough week pamela…its a hard road you are walking right now…make sure you still enjoy the beauty along the way….

  9. It works in strange ways. Imposition on any one is to be avoided. But when done with underlying discipline as a reason then it is a blessing.Freedom is limited by and tempered with responsibility! Good write Pamelita!


  10. Strong work, Pamela. The last tercet is beautiful. Blessings to you, my friend.

  11. Oh yes….sometimes discipline is all that is left to get through the most trying of times…. and patience. Such a strong poem… in so few words. Peace!

  12. It feels mystic, Pamela. Well done.

  13. Thanks for the kind comments. A few of you here know what I am going through. The ending is not a happy one. Thanks for your support.

  14. Its surreal & surreal is good!

  15. I love the opening line–straight out of the dream state for me…and indeed, even counting our gifts doesn’t always do a thing about being poor–yet discipline holds us together, makes something from nothing. Very fine short and sharp piece, pamela. Sorry to be so late getting by–long day in the garden before the cold comes.

  16. Discipline and patience is really the last supporting tools…Strength to you, Pamela xx

  17. It is only many years later do we realize where the richness of our life is. Fine sentiments written here.

  18. From your comment, I don’t know all you are experiencing right now, but your words “beached with patience” share the heaviness of this time with the reader.

  19. How beautiful. I especially love:
    large and small,
    my mother gifts exquisite to me.”

    I read “gifts exquisite” with gifts as a verb…a mom literally gifting “exquisite” to her daughter.

  20. To the mountain the whale is also small…
    The earth She is Mother to all.
    I think the only discipline I manage is to write everyday….
    patience is a gift I lack… Best to you.

    Thank you for your visit.

  21. Discipline wins the day.

  22. You touch my heart!

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