A Breaststroke Forward The Sunday Whirl #146

Coming love twists,
goodbye lovers
in long length’s procession to miss
poetry like an end, yes, it is

these swimmers telling
a dizzying of say and sense.

And what will they believe
tiptoed on end,
while coiled love rests in edge’s exhaustion?

Not unlike bucolic waves,
which potential sheds.

yet like with some deaths,
love emerges as does the final
remain rather with you;
open and alternate.


16 responses to “A Breaststroke Forward The Sunday Whirl #146

  1. Beautiful, tender and dear. xoxoxoxo

  2. magicalmysticalteacher

    Coiled love sounds dangerous, as if it’s about it strike. Is it?

    Bright Edge of Morning

  3. I like edge’s exhaustion

  4. Oh this I had to read over and over.. such a great and tantalizing edge.

  5. love emerges as does the final
    remain rather with you;

    Love certainly knows how to show itself but it is up to oneself on how to welcome it. It has free rein though to manifest itself! Wonderful write Pamelita!


  6. A bit like waves itself, this poem is both restless and its own resolution. I esp like the image of love coiled in a protective circle, exhausted but never gone.A strong piece, pamela.

  7. Love strikes, not with venom, but with light. 🙂 Exhaustion understandable. Breathe.

  8. The opening reminds me of e.e. cummings work. I love this, Pamela. It is tender and pained.

  9. “Open” is difficult for me. Get anxious without a rail to balance against.

  10. I hope that words like water can be warm..nudging ‘you’ forward into an open and alternate end..

  11. I believe that poetry is an end, and like love, brings us back to the beginning again and again after we rest coiled in that created wonder of exhaustion. You prove it with the beautiful flow of your words, dear friend. Hope you found the rest you needed coiled around the much needed quiet and the movie.


  12. A really neat procession of words…

  13. Rereading this each time brings something new to light. ” love rests in edge’s exhaustion” – sometimes love can feel like this.

  14. “Open and alternate” is a nice ending, Pamela.

  15. Wonderful wordling, Pamela… I especially like:

    coiled love rests in edge’s exhaustion

  16. Marriage can be like that too. Love is a coil, with compromise and twists.

    Thanks for your visit ~Jules

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