“My Hands Have Become Yours” Open Link Night #131

Small and delicate slender grace,
movements capture splendid forms.

trazos sauves,
soft strokes,
légers coups de.

In clay urns buried beneath the soil,
gliding on the surface of colours
with the light of sky on a palette.

romolinos de colores de la mezcla,
swirling colours mix,
tourbillonnant mélanger les couleurs.

Explode and seep into the roots,
moments captured forever in these hues,
transform this fluid pattern permanent.

Sable hair blends and sways.

*This is an old poem I wrote back in August 2010. (Yes, I did change some of the punctuation a bit). That’s when “The Big Tent” was still alive and kicking. I have meet some wonderful people from there.
Many things influenced this writing:
Death and cremation, and being an artist


8 responses to ““My Hands Have Become Yours” Open Link Night #131

  1. all the colors, even in death…and in the after, when all the color they brought to life is returned to the earth, that it might rejoin and bring color once more in the flowers or…

  2. A lovely capture, Pamela.

  3. Beautiful, deep in so many ways.

  4. I love the melange of languages in this.

  5. Very clever use of mixed language. Nicely done.

  6. Love how you use the mix of languages.. and the way you capture the beauty of death…

  7. Very cool how you blend English, Spanish and French and, of course, your imagery. I am drawn to color in poetry.

  8. A beautiful amalgamation Pamela:-)

I appreciate all comments.

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