Close the Ring of Ruin The Sunday Whirl #147

We sing,
sometimes when the porch rains reasons
of hummingbird cinnamon kisses
in velvet symmetrical crumble.

No air in bottles,
rainstorms are hard
but these few
expert thoughts
humming caught by some,
minor and invisible.

Softly, we remember life,
and me, all weather still pretending.
I’m the thunder-waterfall striking
lightning couples,
waiting and listening.

calm down;
the days know flow of
downhill roll – ghost,
typing, reverberating empty


19 responses to “Close the Ring of Ruin The Sunday Whirl #147

  1. I think we are all affected by the current climatic mayhem. I loved this phrase:
    reverberating empty today.

  2. For whatever reason, your beautiful flowing words remind me of the Don Mclean song “Crossroads.” It speaks to acceptance in all kinds of weather. We are who we are and do what we alone can do,


  3. I was also reminded of a song, perhaps because ‘sing’ was your second word…it was in my head as I read all of your words, I could hear the soft song, hear the cinnamon kisses, the hum of minor and invisible, the thunder-waterfall and the ghost, typing, reverberating empty today. Nicely done!

  4. sometimes in hte midst of hte storm we wonder if there will ever be an end…if it will ever be the same….what will be left standing when it finally abates…..

    strength to you my friend.

  5. The metaphor here of rain and storm(and song) all falling and rising, is tumultuous but also strong and effective. Vivid imagery and evocative word choices make this exceptionally beautiful writing, pamela. Thinking of you.

  6. There is such peace and gentleness in the opening images..the last verse is I hope the hummingbirds keep singing

  7. your flowing words bring a sadness with their velvet symmetrical crumble and their reverberating emptiness.

  8. Lovely words with a tinge of sadness.

  9. wonderful flow.. of sadness.. the weather writing can work both as metaphors and as lament to the weather for real

  10. Thanks everyone, I have not forgotten to visit, this is simply a very difficult time to go read you fine poets. We have had several people visit us and it is time consuming, but incredibly sweet for my husband, I am now just sitting down to due bimester exams and it is 8 at night and I am beat to hell. I will be around this week to read you all from open link and the whirl. Thanks for your understanding.


  11. The rain does calm down eventually; but one day…it will not give up and we will be unprepared, and the dolphins will laugh and sing out..”we told you so, you should have come with us.”

  12. Don’t worry about responding Pamela, do what you need to do and what your energy will allow…we understand…


  13. Porch rains rings true to me…I like the wonderings in your wordle 😉

  14. something in my throat opened, then ached, when I read this

  15. Your opening stanza is beautiful.

  16. You pulled me in at the opening stanza, and kept going strong.

  17. i am so sorry pamela
    know you are in my thoughts and prayers
    and if you need an ear..
    let me know.

  18. I’m struck by your third and fourth stanzas, Pamela. Beautiful.

I appreciate all comments.

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