“The Virus Court is Now in Session” The Sunday Whirl #148

The sun ascends,
it’s indisputable,
white days suffocate,
lowering me; quilting
death’s trick.

To justify
the solitary,
I hold my breath
with warm coffee supporting
these walls,

design is
sequestered and safe.

I’m not brave, yet I’m enclosed,
standing up
in white days – shivering.

These sun days
smell of quivering skin;
an invitation to exhaust
my confinement without sound.

21 responses to ““The Virus Court is Now in Session” The Sunday Whirl #148

  1. Yet I can feel bravery in the words..sometimes keeping going..breathing takes untold strength..the sparsity and intensity of this piece feels like how hard it can be to breathe at times

  2. This is an intricate and elegant bit of writing, pamela. The contrast of the knowable and unknowable, the sense that order can only exist in the inner world if we so allow it, and all the confusion we must leave outside comes through clearly, as well as the music of the language. The first stanza is exquisite, and it doesn’t let down a beat throughout. Yes, I’m thinking of you; please know that I’m out here, if it ever helps to talk.

  3. “I’m not brave” and yet when we least expect it we can find our braveness buried deep down inside.

  4. I return…you are lodged in my mind, like a pebble wedged in the soul. I am thinking, “illness comes to soften the blow, otherwise your heart would surely explode. Be strong, and know that you are.” ‘Know’ this is the perfect moment, and all things are perfect, even if you can’t ‘see’ it now.

  5. standing up
    in white days – shivering.
    These sun days
    smell of quivering skin

    The correlation seems intense. Bright hot days makes one shivers but it also ironically makes one to quiver and probably sweat. A lot can be read into this. Needs lots of thinking to be certain. Wonderful take Pamelita!


  6. warm coffee… the mundane, the touch of the world we’re left with… I love this piece of writing, Pamela.

  7. I’m always ready to welcome those sun days… especially after our unseasonably cold winter.

  8. You speak of not being brave, filling that stillness and silence with your truth. It takes courage and bravery to break that silence, the bone deep desire to stop time, the world from its spinning, to freeze the now. I salute you, my friend, and offer a different perspective. Perhaps that shiver you feel is not fear, but the love and hugs of a community that can only know you by the beauty of your words. This gift you share with all of us. I say that because I feel it as I read these comments. We know and feel the fragility and honor it as best we can. You are not alone.


  9. The warm cup, the sunlight, even the shivering … you make these all so real to us!

  10. Oh my. This is chilling and for me–an acutely detailed description of confinement, tinged with fear. You write so well, Pamela, putting me in the mind of the first person narrator.

  11. I feel a lot of pain coming through those words. It’s a lovely but sad.

  12. This took my breath away – so spare and sad yet beautifully written! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Beautiful piece, I loved . . . I’m not brave, yet I’m enclosed, standing up
    in white days – shivering.

  14. you do not have to always be brave.
    it is not easy feeling you have to be always
    but do always stand
    and know you dont have to face it alone
    its not an easy path you have to walk.

  15. For those of you I have missed reading today, I will be around tomorrow hopefully. I am exhausted and have been up since 4:30 this morning. I must try and get some sleep, 5:30 comes entirely too soon.

  16. This feels like a very brave poem with your courage shining through. I came back to read it several times. I almost don’t know what to say that won’t sound trite so am only going to say that I found your poem memorable which I did, I do.


  17. Feels not easy…but you’re brave to talk about, express your pain, chill under sun…you’re right – sometimes good drink and sleep – huge to make us happy! ~ strong images…but please exhale…hugs

  18. Awesome, the words were hidden, seamlessly woven. Good job, as usual.

  19. Pamela, this poem is exactly it – the spirit in us that finds itself in such unbearable situations, yet somehow we rise to it, because we must. “Brave yet enclosed”. I know. Our thoughts are with you, surrounding you, helping to hold you up….life scales down to one moment after the other, one foot in front of the other. I am thinking of you.

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