“Oceans and Rivers” The Sunday Whirl #149

The coming course twists
apart — love ends,
goodbye lovers
die in long procession.

In poetry’s trust
we are the swimmers,
telling the dizzying
rope of will what to say.

No boundaries exist
within disguised waves
of exhaustion’s final ocean.

You bring me mugs
filled with golden lilies,
and warm high winds
blowing across
me while I sleep.

We emerge,
remaining coiled
where love rests.

Process notes:
It has been a long time since I have left a process note with a piece of my writing. This was written for the support I have received from people all over the world. Thank you.


20 responses to ““Oceans and Rivers” The Sunday Whirl #149

  1. So glad to hear that you feel the embrace of this community of which you are a vital part. I love the poem and the sincerity with which it was written. We may not “see” one another but we are definitely coiled together where love abides. Thank you, Pamela,


  2. Pamela, long-distance support is all we can give, so I thank God for your strength and ability to keep going.

  3. How beautiful, Pamela.

  4. your words are beautiful.

  5. “No boundaries exist” How true this is in our blogging community. Perhaps Golden Wattle from Australia would please you too.

  6. It is ever present but not intrusive (hopefully) the words..the sense of belonging..being able to say/write what is..what ‘you’ feel..it cannot compensate for some of the terrors of the real world but it certainly creates a world where it is safe to be..right as it is in this moment x

  7. Very beautiful Pamela. Especially like the final line “We emerge, remaining coiled where love rests “.

  8. Know that we are with you.

  9. its amazing isnt it…there have been several times the last couple years that people i have never met but grown to love…have shown up to encourage me through some rough periods…i hope today you find a bit of sun pamela

  10. Yes, it is amazing. I find you are in my thoughts often during the day, and I remember to send thoughts to you, knowing what a difficult time this will be. I guess we are never prepared, what funny creatures we are…beautiful Pamalita. You will walk with grace, emerge, remaining coiled, where love rests.

  11. Dear Pamela, Loved this – speaks so powerfully and beautifully of the moment – the grace you show here is inspirational… With Love to you Scott

  12. Beautiful words, Pamela. You are, quite simply, my friend, although we have never met in person. Thinking of you and sending love.

  13. Lovely words and images in this beautiful poem. Thinking of you, Pamela!

  14. Lovely! With the aid of the internet, no boundaries exist. I’ve enjoyed sharing my work and reading yours!

  15. Beautifully articulated.

  16. Mugs filled with lilies is a beautiful image. Sending warm thoughts along with those warm winds.

  17. Thanks everyone. I will continue to write my way through this empty feeling inside. I believe that is the best thing for me to do. Michael would have wanted me to continue and not stop, this much I do know.

  18. I love the image of mugs filled with golden lilies. A beautiful poem, Pamela…….Yes, do write your way through- “the only way out is through”, Michael would want you to never stop writing. And he was your biggest fan.

  19. No boundaries exist
    within disguised waves

    Rightly said Pamelita! No boundaries, yes! The community exists solely for everyone to enjoy each other’s company. You are a joy to connect with! Great write Ma’am!


  20. Pamela, this is deeply touching. May your poetry and poetry communities be a strong support for you, a healing one.

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