“Candied Apples” The Sunday Whirl #151

Circles capsize
her jaw, peeling paint
gathers the old,
taking away long light eyes,
which hurt her constricted soul.

The apples are listening and hissing,
on a platter in their own celebration,
every line cracks the tile
and every sound catches
the wall.

Yet, this woman looks
in a mirror, surrounded by the image
that includes an interior painting,
though, she believes
in long endings, watch how they husk
the shells of her divination.


16 responses to ““Candied Apples” The Sunday Whirl #151

  1. The apples are listening. Gorgeous writing.

  2. every line cracks the tile
    and every sound catches
    the wall.

    Classic word craft Pamelita! There are lots of movements and mobility in the writing that makes one reading to be together with the flow at hand. Great!


  3. hopefully she finds her own way…its hard at times to find celebration as those apples do…and to feel like everyone can but you…

  4. It is always an adventure for us to read your offering to the Whirl. I must confess I’m envious.

  5. Yes, that you noticed that the apples are listening…I love that….sosososohugs

  6. Silence and emptiness has a sound..unfortunately..I think those hissing apples may be just that..the end is very strong (not just the words)

  7. There are those times when the sounds of silence can be unbearably loud. And listening to hissing apples might be the only solution. Remember to eat my friend,


  8. wonderful poem, simple wonderful.

  9. Nice writing. I believe in long endings too.

  10. Holy smokes, Pamelita, this is classic. You twisted and turned that Wordle and wrung every bit of meaning out of the words. The interior painting, along with the baked apple analogy, sumptuous. Peace, Amelita

  11. Very compelling images, panela–especially the hissing apples and interior painting–for a surreal touch that feels almost too real.

  12. gosh how about PAMela, not panela? That sounds like some sort of pastry. Forgive the typo.

  13. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I will be round to read your poems tomorrow evening. I am having a difficult time now, and have been for the past few days. I am heading to bed early tonight.

  14. Wonderful, Pamela. Love your images.

  15. I read this through a few times. It is much like abstract impressionism–eliciting emotion though not able to concoct a clear image. I felt the pain, as you reference in your comments. “She” seems surrounded by joy and celebration though within there is turmoil. Thinking of you, lovely lady.

I appreciate all comments.

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