“A Scar” The Sunday Whirl #154

Gone points to what I crave,
and what of the latest comedy
on my birthday?

Bewildering that I remember some peace,
because my self-study doesn’t work.
I accept there are no easy plans
where time remains empty.

And trying to unthink only takes me to an older ache
of why you were easier to love
until the final days, when I was evicted
into an impending end,
left to heal — alone.

I made the call:
What does one keep, when a person becomes unlisted?
Who’d insist on grief’s rendition or explanation?

I talk on the phone,
yet my exchanges seem simplistic,
a child dancing on the rooftops.
My conversation starts with,
“I have a scar I can talk about.”


18 responses to ““A Scar” The Sunday Whirl #154

  1. I can feel the pain your poem expresses, Pamela. I do wish you well. I love the line “What does one keep, when a person becomes unlisted?”

  2. Unthinking is so hard..it nests..maybe it can soften like a scar can..over time..the thought of a person unlisted is hard..even to read..but beautifully written..as always

  3. I love your child dancing on the rooftops, can see her afraid of heights and trying to seem brave. And relate to her all too well. Sending hugs and know that she is not alone…even when it feels that way.

    PS Best advice I received? Keep telling your story until you don’t need to tell it anymore.

  4. It’s so hard. I am sorry. Lovely …hugs.

  5. Powerful, painful write, Pamela. Thinking of you and I agree with Elizabeth… let the words out and let the pain out… again and again and release yourself to eventual healing.

  6. Making the call can be the hardest part…

  7. hopefully in talking about those scars, in sharing them and how we are feeling it becomes a bit easier to bear…picking up that phone and starting to talk is one of the hardest things…

  8. I still like to wear his shirts. Talking with other women with a similar loss helps.
    Your poems are deep & moving,


  9. Filling the time with something, like your writing, helps.

  10. I so resonate with “I have a scar I can talk about.” As Elizabeth says, keep talking, as it does help……….we’re here for you, Pamela.

  11. You are brave. Some people can’t bring themselves to discuss scars even when they are obvious. Lovely work!

  12. You know your pain, and that you can talk about it is a step in a positive direction… optimum for healing, Pamela.

  13. It was hard to hit “Like” on this, which I did because your writing evokes such an intense response, though the almost-desperation is painful. Those of us who turn to poetry for writing those scars are fortunate to have such a tool to use,

  14. What I was trying to say in that last sentence that came out so wrong is, thank you for having the courage to share that scar in poetry.

  15. Excellent, grief is terrible monster that just love to tear your life apart.

  16. I think we all have a scar to talk about; but finding a listener is the real problem. You can keep memories but can’t bottle them to leave for others we all have our own.

  17. You are doing absolutely the right thing: In writing your way through the fog
    comes catharsis, as well as some memorable poetry.

  18. This penetrated deeply. Well done.

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