“The Carnival has Left Town” April 2014 Napowrimo day 3

You said the earliest fouling was wide,
a machine’s song and an enchanting drink,
though this never made you bitter.

Yet, it was callous on the exterior
like the tease of a whale
encrusted by passing ships.

You liked me and the water,
I was weightless,
and soluble made you smile.

Then your skin became a colourless
carnival where the midway’s pulsating
lights burnt out, one by one.

Who knew you’d pull chalk from
your pocket marking a gap, a perfect place,
a space where no-one was allowed.

While your eyes drummed deep on me
as I tried to collect coins, to put them in
the magic machine to erase those hours,
and my knucklebones turned a white
hymn off the thimbled-wheels.

I remember the kiss you took from me
when I looked away.


6 responses to ““The Carnival has Left Town” April 2014 Napowrimo day 3

  1. This is a hard read, my friend, and a much harder write I would believe. And yet beautiful, full of glimpses, fleeting moments, full of loss, loving, and yearning. Hugs to you,


  2. It was hard to write and there are parts, which could be smoothed out, but I didn’t want to get too far behind. When I saw the wordle word on fb, I kind of made a groaning noise. Time for me is either fleeting or it’s crawling, it never seems balanced. Thanks for the hugs. I can use them, my friend.

  3. lot of emotion in this…the carnival slowing dying…one light blinking out at a time….them losing color….i can feel i slipping away…i am glad that you can go back to that kiss….

  4. Yes, Brian, but somethings must be written to rid myself of the pain. I still remember his soft kisses and his tight embraces. Even toward the end.

  5. This is such an intense poem, as your work right now tends to be–as would be expected. I wonder at how the deepest pain seems to wrench the most powerful poetry right out of our guts. The skin becoming a colorless poetry–how well you describe an appearance I know so well. Whew.

  6. That should read “a colorless carnival.” Maybe someday I’ll learn to edit before posting. The poetry is all but colorless.

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