I am Sorry Everybody, But This is How I Feel…


8 responses to “I am Sorry Everybody, But This is How I Feel…

  1. We’re thinking of you, too, Pamela.

  2. Dear Pamela You need make no apologies, it is a beautiful song. To find words is hard. You are doing one of the hardest things you will do in your life. I am thinking of Kermit, he was so right when he said, “It ain’t easy to be green.” Be gentle with yourself.

  3. dont ever apologize for being honest with your feelings
    you gave me a tear or two in the listening….

  4. Brian’s right, pamela–no need to apologize for your emotions. This is a beautiful sad song that explores a place we all have been, but we never can get used to, except over time. Hugs.

  5. Thinking of you…..

  6. Please feel the warm embrace of your online community as you feel these painful feelings.

  7. Cat Stevens has/had such a way of getting to the core of what we experience. This morning during my quiet time I was thinking about how often we try to ignore or discount our feelings. It is so good to be able to recognize, accept and acknowledge them Our feelings are so much a part of who we are!

  8. it is a wonderful to find a way to continue your love in a timeless musical expression…. thank you for opening your heart and sharing…. may you find him amongst the light and dark of each breath you take…

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