The Sunday Whirl #155/April 2014 Napowrimo day 5

My parrot sings through the open door, I’ve
allowed sunny salsa music in, he swings yellow,
and green with peachy cheeks,
his song’s a comfort.

I threw away roses today, their wilting petals
creased and quiet, begging me to release them.

I sit and watch the clothes swaying on the line,
a breeze kisses me, the wind chimes clink,
the taste of lavender and white on a Sunday morning.

10 responses to “The Sunday Whirl #155/April 2014 Napowrimo day 5

  1. Love the visuals in this piece, Pamela. Especially like the lines about releasing the roses…it all comes together in time. This is a quietly impacting poem.


  2. How beautiful this is. I closed my eyes and I was there too.

  3. A lovely poem, Pamela. Each verse a poem. Glad you Sunday morning was a comfort. I’d love to see clothes swaying on the line.

  4. Lots of lovely calming images – your poem sets a serene mood for the start of my Sunday.

  5. A lovely poem, Pamela. I hope you are well.

  6. Yes, a lovely poem! You have touched my senses with your words.

  7. Sometimes the world lends a little hand..a dash of yellow..a beautiful scent..a soothing sound..there is no right time..but things sometimes seem to happen and it’s ok as it can be.. peaceful Monday to you

  8. Beautifully reflective, Pamela.Loved the allusion to the scent of fresh laundry on a spring morning.

  9. i like the rather peaceful notes in that last little bit pamela…touching each of the senses…i think it would be cool to have a parrot as well..especially one that might sing to me…smiles.

  10. A beautiful Sunday morning it is. The birds,breeze and wind chimes all in unison! Wonderful write Pamelita!


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