“The Pharmacy” April 2014 Napowrimo #11

Ribbons float over the book
wedged between razors for shaving
away our rough patches and cotton balls for
removing grim and crime from our skin.
The staring book, its ribbons waving,
a radio is playing a song about shaking your booty,
so unimportant and not unique.
While the book screams at me, I want to
silence it, shake it, and smudge its letters away,
It reads: “Tengo Cancer, ¿y ahora que?”

Process notes: I have missed six days of writing, nothing came to me until yesterday evening, when I saw this in the pharmacy. There was a poster and the book was just staring at me, while I was waiting for the young lady to help me. Yes, the music was blaring and unsettling.


13 responses to ““The Pharmacy” April 2014 Napowrimo #11

  1. You have captured that moment we all know, when we want to silence what we know, how we feel, and the pain that persists within us. That desire to obliterate the object that reminds us is a universal one. And although we even know the illogic of that need, the desire still persists because we are living, breathing and feeling human beings. Thank you for your honesty, my friend. Be good to yourself,


    • Elizabeth, That book combined with that song was a very uncomfortable moment for me. Everything seemed so mundane, razors, vitamins, etc… until I saw that book. Thanks for reading.

  2. The trivial is more obvious when facing mortality. Shake your booty. This a strong piece, Pamela. Now what? My guess is more work like this will follow. Ditto Elizabeth…be good to yourself.


    The password is snake

  3. Keep on keeping on, Pamela. There are bound to be more moments like this, but they will get rarer.

  4. The source of inspiration amazes me when it generates something as deep as this. That’s why we have to keep our eyes and hearts open.

  5. I can feel how jarring that moment was…….am glad you can write about it. Do take good care of our friend Pamela!

  6. oy it makes a hard question…now what…and you have to wonder too…when faced with it…ugh on the blaring music too..yeah, much of music is unoriginal and glorifying hedonism…

  7. Brian, the book, the music, all of it was like a bad horror movie. The musical taste runs in very odd directions. I believe many of the people don’t understand the lyrics, they simply like the rhythm.

  8. In such moments of loss in time, items and sounds can trigger off our reaction involuntarily. Resonates with me. Glad you’re still able to take stock and control the situation.Great write Pamelita!


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