“Yesterday’s Tears and Kisses” The Sunday Whirl #156/April 2014 Napowrimo #13

My wrists bound by Saint Benedict,
spirit of balance and moderation,
amethyst beads hold me in this limbo.

Silver medal moonlit night through
the open door, I wonder what lies
on the other side. I would alienate
the wind for one more yesterday.


30 responses to ““Yesterday’s Tears and Kisses” The Sunday Whirl #156/April 2014 Napowrimo #13

  1. amethyst beads hold me in this limbo

    To be held back by the beads is an irritation to be put up with quite easily. Nicely Pamelita!


  2. packed last line there….
    and benedict of the student…we are always learning
    sometimes even when we dont want…smiles.

    hope today is a good day for you

    • Today, was a very good day. I spent time with some friends, who I simply adore. Thank you for asking. Yes, St. Benedict can teach me many things. I believe.

  3. As always, pamela, you make word lists into the most personal and intimate of images–‘alienate the wind’ will stay with me for a long time.

    • I was thinking of my bracelet when I wrote this. Then it dawned on me what lessons I can learn with balance and moderation, and that is what St. Bendict represents. I feel off-balance so much of the time. I keep wanting to wake up and it all to be different, but it never is and I know it never will be. It one minute at a time for me, and I am trying to hold on to that. Thanks for the nice comment, Joy Ann.

  4. Love that wind comment, all your metaphors seem to fly!

    • I would alienate most anything for just an opportunity for another yesterday.This is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to go through. I know you understand, Marian. Thanks for the nice comment.

  5. magicalmysticalteacher

    Most of us would ask for one more day or one more tomorrow, but the speaker in your poem longs for one more yesterday—obviously a very special day indeed.

    Convoluted Whirl

  6. One more yesterday – if only we could.

    Happy NaPoWriMo

  7. I tempted to say keep the door open but don’t go through.. maybe that is what the silver moon says too? It’s important to keep holding what we love..to take them with us into tomorrow

    • It is the silver medal or medallion (which I didn’t like in the poem), St. Benedict, who I honestly knew very little of. I have learnt he represents balance and moderation. Something I need right now. I have a thing for effigies, always have. It must be my catholic upbringing.

  8. That wish for one more yesterday is so strong when a loved one has been lost. And a good reminder for those of us who still have our loved one to maximize the moment. Thank you for your courage to write so openly.

    • It is a very raw reminder for me to stay in the present, but I can’t help but go back to the “what ifs”, Victoria. Thank you, though, I don’t know, if I am very courageous. I have enjoyed reading about St. Benedict, and it’s not so odd that I chose to buy that bracelet anymore.

  9. That last line is heartbreaking.

  10. How we grieve for yesterday, but the wind blows the other way. Stunning piece.

  11. I also find this stunning in its brevity and depth. You grasp a single moment and allow all of us to breathe within it. Beautiful Pamela,


    • It was the briefiest of moments, Elizabeth. But, it was a very bright light for me as well. I need to learn “balance and moderation”, right now. I want to rush headlong and change everything, but that is not possible and quite unrealistic.

  12. Your sorrow carries weight in that last line. Well-penned, my friend.

  13. “I would alienate the wind for one more yesterday.” I know, kiddo. Me, too.

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