“My Blue Eyes Cannot See” The Sunday Whirl #157-Napowrimo ?

The scent of dirt, unearthed and wet.
There’s little comfort in its dampness on a night like this:

You were causal when inheriting fate’s condition,
inhabited blue and serene,
spoke of gardenias and roses,
with traces of clarity,
shrouded in sacraments and beings.

Let me understand why you went away.
There was such a warm write in your eyes,
an inward ascending light, many pages left to be read.

It’s immense when sensing you near,
I wake up knowing my night’s been spent
in a sensitive pulsation of arms
open as the sea, like my love of summer’s light.

We were seagulls flying
point to point, toward ceilings,
memories and landscapes,
time and asteroids.
bridging ourselves within a sanctuary.

Now I’m left with sorrow’s shadow,
when tomorrow’s edge arrives,
swift as a swallow swoops in
to recapture my soul,
so I’m not devoid.
Twice — I pray for light to reach me.


15 responses to ““My Blue Eyes Cannot See” The Sunday Whirl #157-Napowrimo ?

  1. Having read your beautiful poem, I now face an uphill task writing mine. You were early today, Pamela.

  2. No, it must be very hard to see the light and yet in your words is such beauty and clarity..have a peaceful Sunday Pamela xo

  3. Wonderful reference to seagulls. Well, palpable.

  4. what freedom there is in feeling like that gull…in feeling them near…how hard as well to wake in the after….i hope that light finds you….

  5. magicalmysticalteacher

    I have had more than one “someone” go away, and I have given up trying to understand why. It’s less painful that way…

    Nine Fishing Tales

  6. A lovely beautiful piece!

  7. Sometimes it’s not for us to understand, but one thing that will always be with you. soaring above the clouds, are your precious memories.

  8. Painful and honest. This is a beautiful write, Pamela. If my arms could reach you, you would be embraced.

  9. Deeply touching and imaginative, Pamela. You draw on sacred memories and weave in wonder.

  10. “You were causal when inheriting fate’s condition” – that line says so much.

  11. Very beautiful and sad! Love it!

  12. This is lovely. I really believe that if you pray for light, it will reach you.

  13. It’s most sad when parting is not readily explained. One often have to reflect of what had gone wrong. More often than not one gets more mystified! Nicely crafted Pamelita!


  14. “A warmth write” that you thought could be read. Sadly love is ephemeral and is not controlled. Beautiful piece.

  15. I see the world in your poem- so big, spacious~ love the words ‘We were seagulls flying…’ ~ me being slowly these days, sorry 🙂 xx

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