“Something Following Now” The Sunday Whirl #158

“Beware of sadness
It can hit you
It can hurt you
Make you sore and what is more
That is not what you are here for”
George Harrison “Beware of Darkness”

I’m a bird sleeping with open eyes,
serenity speaking on imperfection’s branch,
an upset radiating perfectly
within these tense hands,
and your eyes leaning on a haughty chin
tilting inward with a manner of always looking slightly sideways.

Breasts sounding,
Pores violating,

My carnal fingers lost on domestic extensions
of barbaric pulchritude; where certainty’s instant
is adrift with you.

Held in love lying placid,
a watermark of the drawing,
subterfuge’s complaint to the ethereal,
depicting a woman kneeling before something
indecipherable lying and dreaming
with no pretensions, only wave’s memory.

My most beautiful feeling
soaked in a drowning sea;
despicable clemency.

Tomorrow, I’ll plant the rose-bush
and watch its beading, bleeding
petals sing morning.


19 responses to ““Something Following Now” The Sunday Whirl #158

  1. Sadness could sap us of our potentialities.

  2. Pamela, there is such a haunting quality to your words. A sadness yes, but also something sensed just beyond that. Remember to breathe, all will be as it should be. Love and hugs,


  3. So sad… so powerful

  4. Sad and powerful.xo

  5. Powerful phrasing frames this piece. Your sadness is palpable. The image of the rose contains hope and despair. Hope is what I’m left with as reader. May the rose’s songs soothe your day.

  6. As a solace, a rose can soothe the sad feelings! It can well give a helping hand! Wonderful write Pamelita!


  7. Glad you are using poetry to express you grief and sadness. It heals. Your last stanza is beautiful and filled with hope. May your future bring you those roses and the song of morning. Hug.

  8. As roses hold great beauty, they can cause pain when held. Out of pain, it seems, poetry flowers. This is so good.

  9. I feel your pain, Pamela… sending hugs!

  10. Tomorrow, I’ll plant the rose-bush
    and watch its beading, bleeding
    petals sing morning.
    This is beautiful!

  11. The pain and the sadness are there, but so is the future with the planting of the rose bush.

  12. Sad, but there hope in your intention to plant the flower…your tenderness still there…remember, you – the strong one, all up to you!

  13. Oh so lovely. Your opening lines are AMAZING….and then the lovely close: petals to sing the morning. Sigh. Loved this.

  14. Powerful and perfectly worded. The sense of sadness is tender to touch… and evokes strong emotions. I really liked it.

  15. Such a haunting, sad poem. Grief does that but it also heal eventually

  16. How powerful this poem is. Forgive me but I wanted to change the last line to “petals sing, mourning”.

  17. Something always follows now..either good or bad..I think planting that flower will soothe the fingers if only by keeping them busy..maybe in time the colour will blaze and the smell be so sweet.. I hope xo

  18. What a threnody to sadness.. hopeless when even roses cry their petal sadness.

  19. really a finely layered piece pamela….the beeding bleeding of the bloom there in the end what an image….the carnal fingers stanza is my fav….certainty is fleeting in most things….as the world turns so very fast…

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