“A Photo on the Nightstand” The Sunday Whirl #159

Here lives the gap-erosion, another space,
clear and tilting, daring my love’s
concept, it pulsates with life’s light.

Today I noticed a strand of your hair nestled
in my brush, I gently pulled it out and laid it on the nightstand.
I moved the picture of us there, it’s been hidden
in the dresser drawer for too long.

I remembered last year’s blueberries, sweet and tart,
how you loved them with a dash of cream,
and Friday evening’s music from a local station.
Our conversations on the varied music — how we’d laugh.
A moment’s memory left in silent shiver.

I went to the market, bought blueberries,
their colour perfection, so intense,
mingled within sweetness, and tartness.
I sprinkle them with sugar and a dash of cream.

On this night as dark as blackbird wing.
Sitting with our cat; mysterious and mythic in his ancestry.
Together we watch for slipping stars in the sky,
I say your name often,
I’m so grateful to have known your eyes.


22 responses to ““A Photo on the Nightstand” The Sunday Whirl #159

  1. What I love about this poem, Pamela, is that I see you progressing through the stages of grief… taking out the pic, buying blueberries. The ending is great.

  2. I love this poem – Agree completely with Laurie’s comment and don’t know if I could say it any better. I can only add that the image of the hair and the movement throughout caught me, held me and blurred my eyes with tears.

  3. There are so many things, often inanimate, that cling to you and speak of a lost love. This is most beautiful poem.

  4. So sweet, so beautiful, so sad. xox

  5. A beautiful piece, sad and easy….

  6. This is so beautiful, Pamela. The specific images — strand of hair, blueberries and cream, laughter, shiver, and gratitude for his eyes — so poignant. I feel slow healing in this poem! So glad the photo is out of the drawer!

  7. Pamela, I agree with all other comments. This piece brought me to tears. My love to you, dear friend.

  8. Pamela, this is a beautiful poem, and a lovely way to remember.

  9. There is a gentle movement in this piece..memory is so often connected to the senses..i think ‘re-tasting’ is a very courageous and positive thing..beautifully and sensitively written..a private moment but a real privilege to have a small glimpse

  10. such a heart felt last line…and def there are rituals like the blueberries that bring them back so tangibly…i love blueberries too…smiles.

  11. Beautiful, sweet, tender poem. I love it.

  12. Reblogged this on The Mirror Obscura and commented:
    A beautiful poem without doubt. >KB

  13. Beautiful and sad, yet hopeful. Evokes plenty of emotions, and isn’t that what poetry is supposed to be about?

  14. Tender and gentle and hauntingly evocative of person, place, and relationship. This is healing and love poem combined. Love and hugs,


  15. so tender and nice.. the portrait .. and the blueberry.. I love when taste and smell evoke memories.. and yes eating some blueberry is a also a a path to recovery..

  16. This is so sweet and so sad, but healing has arrived, too.

  17. A very tender expression, Pamela. A piece that needs to grow and branch out.

  18. This is so beautiful. I love the placing of the photo, the remembering of the blueberries and then buying some in memoriam……I can see you and the cat sitting together watching the sky. LOVE your closing line.

  19. This is so intensely personal that I feel I’m intruding. A lovely poem.

  20. I say your name often,
    I’m so grateful to have known your eyes.

    The eyes can be most tantalizing and enticing that one remembers.them distinctly. It’s very true Pamelita! Wonderful write!


  21. Yes, everyone this poem is very personal for me. I hid many of Michael’s things in drawers and closets, so I didn’t have to look at them. I have since given some of his clothes to a friend for her son. I still haven’t moved, nor looked at his glasses and watch for almost two months now. I am not ready for that quite yet. Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. I wasn’t expecting it.

  22. Oh, the silent shiver and really, the entire poem is touching and so personal; but your got the words in there (I read this the other night) and was going to comment….a poignant story.

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