“Pigeons and Traffic Lights” The Sunday Whirl #162


I survey his face, carrying fruit
for sale, he weaves between the cars,
I wonder if his life’s stuck in silence, or
does laughter make his eyes shine
like mine on days with friends,
when dreary skies have fallen to meet my ankles.


I laugh when I see flutters of life,
and notice I am not alone,
two men alongside me are
witnessing nature’s mating season.
The north wind lessens and the sun
rises in my bones to fill my emptiness,
I need to remember this and keep it with me — forever.


Roses die and petals drift,
A fledgling is born in the building’s rafter.
Keeping the cycle open,
So I may recognize the wonders that exist.
Leaving the past as a memory to be
cherished and loved.


16 responses to ““Pigeons and Traffic Lights” The Sunday Whirl #162

  1. What a great sense of movement – physical and emotional – i loved the sense of walking with you..daring to look up..to feel here and now..a green light for the soul..warm wishes to you this Sunday (and love the image of dreary skies falling to your ankles)

  2. I enjoyed the walk with you as well. Anything that lifts the spirits is good. Spring fever is in the air and feels quite wonderful. Went to see my sister’s magnolia tree in bloom yesterday and it made me feel much of what you describe here.


  3. The first one blew me away, Pamela.

  4. This really is so beautifully written and expressed.

  5. Perfect….yes, when we can see, ‘we are not all there is.’ It doesn’t lessen the sorrow, this you must bear, yet, it is good. Loved this piece.

  6. Pamela, this is lovely. I see signs of renewed hope, and rejoice.

  7. Like the #3. It traces the sanctity and progeny of human life sustenance. Great write Pamelita!


  8. There is a touch of sadness still, but I’m glad you notice you’re not alone and ” the sun rises in my bones to fill my emptiness”… love that, Pamela!

  9. I feel so much hope and enjoyment of the beauty of life in this, Pamela. Yes, it is tinged with a bit of sadness. I think there is truth in that oft repeated thought that we can’t know beauty and goodness without knowing their opposites.

  10. What a single laughter and a smile can bring.. love that.. and I love the last lines of the first stanza.. such an accurate description of dread.. I hope for rainbows coming through for you.

  11. the dreary skies fallen to our ankles…a fine touch in that first one…and def always love that history, but embrace the new life as it comes…

  12. I like that you are writing about smiles, Pamela. Lovely write.

  13. Beautiful words, Pamela. I enjoy the progression of this piece. Wonders continue to exist, and will long after we are gone.

  14. This is brave and beautiful, my friend. Your eyes are seeing the beauty in all that remains.

  15. magicalmysticalteacher

    Your evanescent connection with the fruit seller is poignant.

    Wordle Grotesqueries

  16. beautiful and haunting poem, Pamela.

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