“Misguided Sympathy” OpenLinkNight

With false sympathy,
you drip on my mind like a plague.
Your bitterness shows through
with unhidden hindrance,
disguised as honey,
it is sticky and unyielding.
I wipe away the filth
you tried to touch me with.
Such sweetness exists in your fantasies.
Not mine.


16 responses to ““Misguided Sympathy” OpenLinkNight

  1. oy, not fun to be just another fantasy of someone…
    i am often leary of well honeyed words…actions will show
    the truth of them though….

  2. ugh… you don’t need this… real sympathy is a big blessing but false sympathy makes things only worse

  3. Oh.. I’m sorry for such honeyed words.. good that you stand up against them… wonder how one recognize the false sympathies?

  4. ouch, but I know the type..

  5. Oh, I have experienced this kind of person too, Pamela. I really have a hard time with those who offer false sympathy…you have nailed the description in this poem.

  6. It never fails to amaze me how people can say the most unthinking things, sometimes, in their discomfort at not knowing what to say – better to say nothing, just touch one’s hand and walk away………sorry, Pamela. People in our society dont know what to say about death – a society in denial.

  7. I think I much prefer silence to false sympathy and pretence. I like the image of sweetness disguised as honey.

  8. Oh ouch. I agree with Sherry–as a culture, we don’t know how to hand another’s loss. And also there are those who pretend to care and don’t.

  9. Great word craft Pamelita! A not so nice episode but cleverly presented sweetened and honeyed. Face up to it, that’s right!


  10. Wow! Vivid images that make me feel the sticky yuck.

  11. Honey is more about sweetness than texture, but I always tended to notice that too late. Weirdly attracted to people with high viscosity! Well done, Pamelita

  12. Insincerity is crass, and your poem is a superb reaction to it.

  13. Nice. It is necessary to wipe away the affect of such people from our lives. Interesting, brief and well-penned. 🙂

  14. Yes, a very wise friend of mine often says that others’ actions are more important to her than words. If you have Asperger’s syndrome or a similar condition, it is hard to trust words only. Honeyed words can often be too cloying, indeed. Insincerity is everywhere and really, we can see right through it, if we learn to listen to our instincts once more. Very well, and directly, written.

  15. scotthastiepoet

    Ouch! Searing portrait of the very moment of disgust and disengagement…

  16. Intense..and you captured it well!

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