“She Prays for Him” The Sunday Whirl #163

He can’t live with the way she prays,
believing the words are lies
fluid, clear and countless
like lean kitchenware caught
in tight spaces. He suffocates.
Standing sturdy,
in the morning she drinks tea.
The scent of rosemary and spice
filling the room with her solace,
reading parables or writing quotes to carry
her through the day.
When the asphalt paving is too hot,
and the sun attacks the terrain’s love of living.
She awaits afternoon rain.
While hoping those prayers
will reach him wherever he is;
roaming across prairies,
climbing mountains,
or resting in an adobe hut.


13 responses to ““She Prays for Him” The Sunday Whirl #163

  1. Prayers always find their destination..of that we can be certain..I love the smells..the rain on hot asphalt particularly..I love how we travel through the day with her..a quiet, strong perseverance..have a peaceful Sunday xo

  2. She awaits afternoon rain.
    While hoping those prayers
    will reach him wherever he is;

    Prayers has a way of reaching the intended soul wherever they may be.. Wonderful write Pamelita!


  3. I feel quite certain that those prayers reach him, Pamela.

  4. we each have to find our own way…i do believe those prayers find a way, and those devotions that she does…but he will have to find that for himself…and until then she can be the example that leads….

  5. Love the imagery, especially the countless kitchenware that reminds us that at some point, we are all common folk and the kitchen is most often the most common ground.


  6. How beautiful. The scent of rosemary is, for me, so wonderful. I love how we each have our own journey to walk.

  7. This is very intriguing. I like the tea and “standing sturdy” ….also the sun attacking “the terrain’s love of living”….cool. I like the thought of him roaming and climbing…….the prayers will find him.

  8. They need to talk! Being a practical man he will her prayers flirting with suitor he cannot fight, not knowing the prayers are for him. This is really beautiful and so well observed.

  9. Excellent as always. Though she should take take a break from praying and just whack him along side his head. Might work better 😉

  10. Isn’t it interesting that the person she loves and prays for the most cannot stand her habit of praying? The ultimate conundrum. I really loved this, Pamelita! Con amor, Amelita

  11. Lovely, tender, vivid.

  12. magicalmysticalteacher

    She wants and needs the prayers. He, on the other hand, neither wants nor needs them. What will happen to all those prayers, I wonder. Will they be answered in oblique ways, or not at all?

    June’s First Wordle

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