“I Taste Every Raindrop” The Sunday Whirl #165

Daytime brings porcelain,
out of my back pocket
comes fortune.

You tell me:
Read a good book,
drink a nice coffee,
eat the cake slowly.
Life is now.


22 responses to ““I Taste Every Raindrop” The Sunday Whirl #165

  1. I LOVE that title. It’s a poem all by itself. And “Daytime brings porcelain,” is so awesome!

  2. Yes, that is the lesson of death. Live it now, say it now, love it now, when life is over there is plenty of time for regret. And perhaps, no matter how hard we tried, there will always be regrets…just for moment, we forget death is in the doorway, and is a permanent state. hugs

  3. Your last verse could be an entire poem. Beautiful. I wonder about the fortune in your back pocket.

  4. Pamelita, this is deceptively simple. Short and sweet, yes, but filled with the wisdom of how to live life carefully, mindfully… noticing the sweetness with which we are blessed…sweetness others may not enjoy.

    Potent and lovely. Gracias, hermana, Amelita

  5. Every word to be savored! Hard to believe it’s a wordle poem.

  6. So much wisdom in this.. yes life should be to eat a cake slowly…

  7. magicalmysticalteacher

    The things that are told hold great wisdom. I will do them all!

    Quirky Quartet

  8. Pamela, this is my favourite of all your poems (so far!).

  9. Grab the bull by the horns and run with it. Better yet, hop on for a ride, you never know when you’ll be left sitting in a puddle. Love this piece, Pamela!

  10. This is very pithy and wonderful, Pamela!

  11. I love the title, especially.

  12. i think that at times people are well intentioned in their suggestions…in living now…sometimes it takes a little while to get there…especially in the after….smiles.

  13. Told you this one was terrific and its even more so on reading it. People too often forget that grief is most often an invitation to healing. You my friend, are blessed,


  14. Great piece, Life is now but you still have to watch out for future. It just loves to toss out sharp corner too.

  15. Cathy, I have had enough of sharp corners. And thank you.

  16. … and talk to the trees. There is so much beauty in this world we should open our eyes and ears more to enjoy it. (and mouths too, not forgetting the cake).

  17. This is so wonderfully distilled..like taking life breath by breath…sometimes that is the very best way…peaceful Monday to you Pamela xo

  18. The living is the now! Certainly Pamelita! One has to be all the while one step ahead. There can be good fortune coming our way. That is a good thing! But otherwise one is vigilant to take care of oneself! Wonderful thoughts!


  19. Pithy good one, Pamela.

  20. I have always thougth that poetry is to keep our souls young and fresh and lovely! So this poem is beautiful because it is true! For us who live in a big city we let to enjoy what we do in this moment! Even worst we pass our life like this being sleeping!

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