“Rainbows and Stars” The Sunday Whirl #166

Drawing rainbows, the tarot’s dreadful tune
plays its cards, counting coloured dreams
brought forth through times of sorrow.
There are unicorns and steep stairs
to the other side of tomorrow.

I am seduced by these stars,
levitating above me, as if
to kiss me on the cheek.
Oh creator’s night, may I dance?

Overlooking this city; I love, I twirl
and bow thinking of you,
your smile and a heart so close to mine.
I count toward my penny-tone morning.


20 responses to ““Rainbows and Stars” The Sunday Whirl #166

  1. I am also seduced by the stars, the native people say when people die the become a star in the sky. hugs to you

  2. your smile and heart that once was so close to mine.
    Counting toward my penny-tone morning
    ´til my plague is lifted.

    Looking back such great feelings might still be rekindled to match the feelings felt before. Great ending Pamelita!


  3. Wonderful poem and since I know you love Dorian character 🙂 He must be playing a smart part in this poem 😉

  4. smiles….to find that love…to dance beneath them…i feel the release in this….a relief even under such a plague…its hope to me…smiles.

  5. I love “there are unicorns and steep stairs to the other side of tomorrow”. Your closing stanza is heartrending. Just beautiful writing!

  6. You’ve made magic with those words.

  7. magicalmysticalteacher

    “counting toward my penny-tone morning”

    What a rich image this is! I savor it!

    Dancing and Praying

  8. Beautiful in every way!

  9. What a delight this writing was to read, probably echoing many readers desire for worlds yet undiscovered.

  10. Such tender beauty in this piece Pamela..the unicorns and steep stairs even more magical in their reality..keep dancing under the stars..the penny-tone morning will come..it must it must xx

  11. Pamelita, this is a play in three acts. Starts off in a sort of surrender to the fate of the tarot cards, then you get to connect with real stars and creation, and finally, the deeply personal. The last lines were magic. Paz, Amelita

  12. Love the unicorns and stairs, also, your perfect ending.

  13. I especially love how you ask permission to dance beneath the stars. This just breaths hope and almost magical beauty.

  14. I like so much the way you say about what is moreover tomorrow! And dancing down the stars make feel amazing! With such hope that hug me! And that is wonderful!
    We are a part of these universe and only watching the sky down the stars conduce me to say: We are just dust!
    Thanks Pam!

  15. How else to heal than to dance beneath the stars? you express everything so clearly I could not even understand this was a wordle.

  16. I feel enraptured by your words-i love worldles too-unicorns and steep stairs-the tarot’s dreadful tune of rainbows-are we to sing or just take your words on a walk, thank you for this

  17. After reading your comment on my blog I’m starving.

  18. It seems a wonderful dream….but I know sometimes even if the dream is wonderful, you can wake feeling a little scared…like what you did.

  19. Beautiful poem … love it’s tone and magic from the beginning rainbow onwards it pulled me like the piper.

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