A Glow and A Dream #167 The Sunday Whirl

I approach doorways in dreams,
but they never open, because keys
crumble in my hand.

I’m a grain so misunderstood,
in single lines on a hard surface,
where my love levels out confusion’s sand
and I scratch at the sad unknown.

When glints recover me and
I attach myself to the now
as you would want me to.
I am a sketch between the gaps,
in a transforming phase, so I
may be present for me and those I love.


12 responses to “A Glow and A Dream #167 The Sunday Whirl

  1. You have written another perfect piece!

  2. That’s the spirit. A lovely positive piece of writing.

  3. How beautiful..you’ve captured a feeling and made it glow on the page..those crumbling keys are so sad in the morning..but I am glad the gaps exist..a peaceful Sunday to you xo

  4. magicalmysticalteacher

    Keys seem to crumble in my hand too, yet we persist, don’t we? 😉

    Seeking One Ripe Plum

  5. Interesting dream where the keys crumble in your hand because it isnt time for the door yet. Wisdom in the “transforming phase”, a “sketch between the gaps”. You are brave, Pamela. You show us how.

  6. I know the feeling generated by that kind of dream–a primal desire unfulfilled. When you write to these wordles, Pamela, one would never know that is where this comes from. It all blends seamlessly..

  7. This is a beautiful lament to an unfulfilled life. We all probably echo your statement of “I scratch at the sad unknown”.

  8. you will continue to find your way…and when the time comes i am sure you will have the key you need to open that next door…

  9. Love the wisdom of last stanza
    ‘I am a sketch between the gaps,
    in a transforming phase, so I
    may be present for me and those I love.’ ~ It’s good to think this way for people who can’t understand us…otherwise it makes me sad….

  10. Oh yea, this excellent 🙂 It flows so beautiful too.

  11. Sorry to be so late, got caught at my sister’s yesterday. I love this poem. It is real and honest and does so with beauty and insightfulness. All done with your characteristic flow. Hugs from Wisconsin,


  12. I love how the glints recover you, its as if you are taken in by the sights and sounds and allowed to reclaim yourself–well done

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