“A Beautiful Light” The Sunday Whirl #169

If you touch another person’s hand
and your heart explodes eclipsing
into a million stars. Take heed:
they’re part of you

They are the sun upon you when
first waking and the rain that cools
and quenches your face and throat.

If you look in a friend’s eyes
and feel their pain. Take heed:
they need your love, give them honesty
and hold them tight

They are the wind on your skin while
walking alone down the street,
and the enveloping dreams of night.

In the shadowy hallways of life
exists a beautiful light meant to be honoured.
Hold on to this, like today’s kiss on the cheek.


22 responses to ““A Beautiful Light” The Sunday Whirl #169

  1. Such knowing and light in these words carried on a wind…yes..we are never truly alone whoever we choose as our eternal companion..or vice versa..a peaceful Sunday to you Pamela

  2. Pamala I have been looking for him, and was thinking it was in the invisible light that makes everything visible….and of course the wind…I had not thought of the wind, but I like that…and again, when it gets dark…he appears to me…beautiful piece…brought tears to my eyes.

  3. magicalmysticalteacher

    I REALLY like the idea of other people being the wind on my skin as I walk down the street. An enchanting poem!

    Whirling All Over

  4. This is SO beautiful. I love the beautiful light meant to be honored.

  5. I love the idea of us all united in a beautiful light.

  6. Pamelita, there is so much to love about this. Your refrain of “take heed,” which is usually a preface to danger of some sort, is actually a sort of “listen to the world” invitation, which was so nice. I have my Wordle almost ready to go, but I cannot imagine a more positive use of the words. We are all, in heart and soul, hand in hand in hand in this world. Time for us to remember that, and your reminder is so timely, given the world’s situation at the hands of… the USA. Con amor, mi hermana, Amelita

  7. Beautiful. Love that last verse.

  8. …give them honesty and hold them tight. Yes. So much of this is needed right now.

  9. How beautiful this is. What a joy it is to feel this way.

  10. There are tell-tale signs one can fall back on.Sometimes it takes lots of hints to know. But mostly one can read the signals to effectively relent and accord what seems necessary to be done.Wonderful write Pamelita!


  11. I too like this premise of this..for me an existential belief…well done.

  12. Enjoyed the light wisdom of this poem … the signs of empathy, the touching of the other … Georgia

  13. If we must hold onto something, we could do much worse.

  14. I love this one! We must hold on to the light like today’s kiss on the cheek.

  15. i like the heart in this….them being a part of you…that feeling at first touch…also seeing the pain and being willing to step into that with them…we all need those friends….

  16. This is a beauty poem. My friend… Antoine de Saint Exypery said: We only see with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes! And I see that your poem tells us about the responsability that we have to each other! thanks for that!
    We are all! We are one!

  17. Thanks everyone. This is taken from a recent experience, when I visited where I used to live in Mexico. It has changed me for the better. Thank God for friends.

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