“The Poet’s Song” The Sunday Whirl #172

Only love and pain
have dust remaining on this mystery.
It’s a young woman’s song;
prepubescent and concentrated.

The poet delivers
an intimate universal feeling,
I understand it
when I look at the
greenery of the mountainside,
and happiness wraps itself around me.

There’s bliss within the sounding sun;
flamboyant, flared, falling,
pointing toward an appetite for living.
Though at times jumbled
and tired, I continue with love
for being alive,
at last I can fly.


19 responses to ““The Poet’s Song” The Sunday Whirl #172

  1. This is a beautiful piece! And I know you can fly, and there is the truth, we are grateful to be alive….life is bliss….the love and the pain.

  2. Yes you can…and you can sing and curl poems in the stars quite beautifully…a peaceful Sunday to you xo

  3. magicalmysticalteacher

    This phrase shines for me: “bliss within the sounding sun.” How deliciously it rolls off my tongue!

    This Whirling Madness

  4. to be alive and fly . . . it doesn’t get much better.

  5. This is wonder-full, Pamela. It speaks to me of rebirth, hope and the healing power of poetry.

  6. What a great affirmation for life and the urge to live it.

  7. Ah – it’s been a long time since I’ve whirled…so nice to read your work again Pamela; as always it’s wonderful…it reads as wonderfully on the page as aloud…very cool.


  8. Love it, just love it. 🙂 Last line ends it so well too.

  9. Beautiful, Pamela…….gratitude for being alive. I love it.

  10. at last I can fly!

    Love conquers all. Many can attest to that.It is a matter of deciding what to do after which emotions will take over. It’ll work its way and all the good things fall into place. Great thoughts Pamelita!


  11. i am glad that despite being jumbled and tired at times…
    that you still have the desire…the love…of being alive….

  12. I haven’t forgotten about you beautiful poets. I am struggling right now to read. I will be round to read in the next couple of days. Thank you.

  13. Pamela, didn’t you tell me there is a way to get the wordle earlier? Living in the Pacific time zone, I’m always late.

  14. Yes, Victoria, on Facebook at the site “The Sunday Whirl”, Brenda posts the words on Friday evening.

  15. I can see you healing in your poems. Happiness wrapping around you…lovely.

  16. Thanks for the feedback, Pamela. I’m on it!

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