“Kooks” The Sunday Whirl #174

Within his heart lies a demimonde spirit awaiting release.
Never in the right place, his soul is an asylum
which needs to be reborn.

When he flies high
surely there is a grand hard landing.
Where abomination’s art flies from canvases
leaving dark rites of rituals spreading
through the room.

One can never bare their soul completely:
So, she lights the gray away with candles
saying prayers for transgressions,
pledging allegiance to the sparkling oranges
growing on shelves in cylindrical swirls
of the bitter and sweet.

Hoping for the day when she can be herself
for those she loves.


15 responses to ““Kooks” The Sunday Whirl #174

  1. Poems have a way of giving new images…like sparkling oranges growing on shelves…I like this idea. Today is a good day to start! If you were going to be truly yourself, what is the first thing you might do?

  2. Oranges – so bright image, but to see it we can better with background of gray! ~ Pleasure to read xx

  3. I wonder if there is a place where we can bare our souls..just a little more than in the ‘real’ world…being kooky is good…i would imagine it allows room for a little grey..peaceful Sunday to you

  4. So much in this, Pamela. What caught my attention was the line “one can never bare their soul completely..” It takes so long just to even know ourselves. As I’ve aged, I’ve grown to become more comfortable with my “kookiness!” :0)

  5. to the sparkling oranges growing on shelves

    Yea! you use it. Wonderfully read with all it’s entangled emotion. Love that first stanza , talking about Ethan 😉

  6. what can we do more.. in the blackness ,,, those oranges works so well – a great allegiance.. and to be yourself at the end..

  7. The oranges for me were the innocence of childhood, a hope that she could hold onto despite her disastrous marriage.

  8. “so she lights the day away with candles” is a very optimistic phrase, as is the ending.

  9. Some wonderful lines in this poem, and I love the sparkling oranges.

  10. Yes, one can never bare their soul completely! So true. Who would dare to risk it? Not me.

  11. There are sacrifices due for a loved one, no denying it! Great write Pamelita!


  12. i love the unraveling of those things felt inside and spirited away outside… words taking flight with wings…. just as you are….

  13. magicalmysticalteacher

    Lighting the grey away is sometimes all we can do…

    An Ernest Whirl

  14. The Sunday Whirl seems to have disappeared but thanks to its Facebook page I’ve found this weeks’ words. As a temporary measure I’ve put them up on my site along with a Mister Linky thingy-dingy should you wish to participate. It’s all at http://www.keithsramblings.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/once-upon-happier-time.html
    Spread the word brothers and sisters!

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