“Vessels and Vision” The Sunday Whirl #184

The day is no longer audible and strange,
in the distance our skin contains the fabric that covers us,
where I dwell I love your surface; poppies
and porosity moving gradually,
it makes me want to drink the substance.

An attitude before the breaking doorway,
a thoughtful deal, not frivolous,
it’s a rising light in fatigue.
Immense celebration’s field,
a woman’s double smile’s literary,
known and continuous,
such nonviolence obeyed with longer flows from
these gnarled vessels is an open dark night —
then everything turns blue and
perfectly rooted,
an epilogue.


7 responses to ““Vessels and Vision” The Sunday Whirl #184

  1. Behind the door and beyond..the first verse there is almost a contentment/containment a treasured memory and world to be kept close…the second seems harder to bear…smiling but not maybe? Peaceful Sunday to you

  2. A lovely piece!!!! Made me think of balloons floating (as they have for the last couple of weeks, over Taos) and slowly coming back to earth.

  3. such nonviolence obeyed
    with longer flows

    A revelation of accepting non-violence as an obstacle. It is a most appropriate epilogue. Wonderful write Pamelita!


  4. Wonderful 🙂 Has such a mysterious feel to it. The last couple lines are just perfect.

  5. magicalmysticalteacher

    Drinking the substance is better, I think, than drinking the evanescence.

    Whirling Haiku

  6. the progression of thought in those first few lines….from the skin fabric covering us to dwelling on their surface is pretty cool pamela….hope you are doing well…

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