“How I Conjugate Life” The Sunday Whirl #200

The scar on my forehead conjugates when
I speak of you and
semaphore’s a bird perched with
discernment when it visits.

Can you hand me a passing, breathing day in
a ship that’s uncut?
A wave’s key says so much.

In cadence of hopeless dreams
I type like a cat fishing foil mice,
I’m upright and silent, ready to pounce.

Then you appear with smiles, so charming,
leaving me bare in a restaurant holding an umbrella
that says “Look at the scars on my wrist,
they’re my mother.”

To the in and out,
thoughtlessness doesn’t please,
nor does it say;
“Let’s go eat and be merry.”

We locked our nest
to be we
without God,
nothing of thickness in
the world,
just us.

In the golden area
it’s quiet. The river rustles
speaking of you and
everything falls into blue petals.


8 responses to ““How I Conjugate Life” The Sunday Whirl #200

  1. There is longing and searching in this piece even though there is contentment in each other.

  2. some very interesting bits of imagery; this is somewhat surreal in mind vision; have a wonderful Sunday

    much love…

  3. Such a journey…writing can certainly teach us how to conjugate life…i love the image of you typing that made me smile…i also love the line ‘Look at the scars on my wrist, they’re my mother.” As a person with many scars i can relate…maybe they are how we survive(d) our mothers..most of all i love the ending..who can ignore the joy of falling blue petals…peaceful Sunday to you Pamela..

  4. Your wordle poems are always intriguing: the words take you to very individual poems.

  5. Again you have written a lovely piece! I loved it, one of your best!

  6. Those we choose to love always leave scars. They mark the most important places where we had to fight to stay open to more love, more living. When we honor those scars, we define both ourselves and that other, lest we go through eternity forever unmarked at all. Wonderful evocative poem, its left a mark.


  7. Words such weaved are sure to create magic spells, Enchanting last notes!

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