“Daggers of Blasphemy” The Sunday Whirl #203

She may someday mourn
thy seed and the
loss of your highest trees
going away leaf by leaf;
rustling, filling baskets.

I don’t know about her
but I’ve seen the slow fall of
aurora over the world with
a sea’s deck drowning.

She could someday mourn
her offspring in areas reaching
smoke where beings
are planted in
not more than night with
a knotting of seagulls along the banks.

I don’t know about her.
I only know
her memories are kept in my hands.

11 responses to ““Daggers of Blasphemy” The Sunday Whirl #203

  1. That knot of seagulls is like a knot in the guts..loud..nagging…and as Viv says the last verse is wonderful – unexpected and almost pre-determined in equal parts…maybe…peaceful Sunday to you Pamela

  2. A wonderful piece!

  3. Beautiful and haunting, especially that closing verse.


  4. Mysterious always hooks me!

  5. The hand of Providence is always there to provide the clues and the answers. One will be able to relate back to good times of days gone by! Great lines Pamelita!


  6. magicalmysticalteacher

    Hands, I think, are a precious place to keep memories—and, amazingly, they don’t even wash away!

    Another Baja Whirl

  7. Powerful, the repetition of “someday mourn” and “I don’t know about her” kept pulling me in. I had to read it twice. I know there’s been falling and loss, but I feel the memories are good ones. – Richard

I appreciate all comments.

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