Saturday’s Mercy The Sunday Whirl #208

Breezes through open windows
filter a summer’s shawl.

Eleven o’clock at night
my smile staggers and tilts.

My arms forever lost and perpetual.
I lie in bed and the horizon closes
searching for what we have and
what we cannot hold onto.

My hands make circles; mercy and love.
A night astray with peaceful air —
passes naked.

Only love and pain can rest
their dust while burning.


6 responses to “Saturday’s Mercy The Sunday Whirl #208

  1. This one makes me think about my forever lost arms…what they’ve lost. I hope your pain rests and love burns bright again.

  2. When alone especially at night we must be ourselves completely with our thoughts, fears, hopes and of course sadness. The brave face can disappears for it is seen by no one else.

  3. Night – the time of angels and demons. Mostly demons.

  4. So many powerful images…sometimes we need burning the hard it is to find piece of mind..especially when sleep evades us

  5. I am glad to be getting back to writing and reading. You always have such well written posts. Half of my year has been gone in illness but I am better each day. Hope you are well.

  6. Pamela, I can so easily relate to your night time experience. Love your fluid imagery. Am still settling in slowly, but the nights and their strange new sounds don’t make for peaceful slumber. It will come,


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