A Naked Rose Flows into the Sea NAPO #1

Begin with light like a diadem growing,
the edges transparent
but raised in everything
that’s not situated
to fly more than a wing.
See the tree that captures sound
surrounding the soul’s wish
whose arms extend into the clear air,
a heart only in its rays.
It’s multi-faceted.

Process notes: I will be posting over at https://1sojournal.wordpress.com
Elizabeth is kind enough to be offering us writers a homebase this month.

Please consider looking at what Elizabeth has to offer

7 responses to “A Naked Rose Flows into the Sea NAPO #1

  1. Beautiful Pamela. Yes, beginning is reaching out beyond self. The very act of becoming.


  2. Hi Elizabeth. Thanks and yes, this is how I must start. I am trying to leave the negative aside.

  3. To begin with, the light is the guiding force. Reach out and discover more. How very true Pamelita!


  4. I love this, Pamela. Thank you for sharing your process with me. Write on, my friend. Your words always stir something in me.

  5. I’m finally getting caught up with doing some reading…I’m a couple days behind in posting though I’ve been writing each day. Love these words: …sound surrounding the soul’s wish… 🙂

I appreciate all comments.

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