April Speaks NAPO #9

With my hand at my waist
the outside is compact and light
bitterness flies; words lost in the air become fruit,
the clear sun for flight,
a circle of images highlight the hour’s slow pace
burnt in rhythm to find the heart
where secret spaces make dreams.
To touch wings
locked together,
to  see joy in the deep water
illuminated with colour,
salty eyes and fire,
the wind fluttering,
the highest flight
light as birds,
April speaks; her lips a young naked sound through the air.


9 responses to “April Speaks NAPO #9

  1. I love this? Have you written many ekphrastic poems? You would be very good at it!

  2. This is gorgeous, Pamela! You are getting your April groove going strong, now> 😉

  3. Beautiful Pamela, fluid with a strong voice. Think you are right, you’ve got your mo-jo back. Congratulations,


  4. I loved savoring and imagining, feeling your poem!

  5. Nice surprise for you to visit me, Olorial. Thanks.

  6. Whether April is a person or the month — I’m glad her words have found their way onto your blog. ❤

I appreciate all comments.

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