A Mote Surrounds His Heart NAPO #19

In the morning;
It’s calm and quiet
everything’s covered in white,
colour of the gloria.
A hoop’s no longer tethered by its strings
It hangs lifeless, broken and disconnected.

In the afternoon;
The sun and me — I wait,
I try to speak to
shoveling men shoveling
forever dirt, where neglected plants
die in their frequency.
A dimension with mysterious energies.

At night,
stars swim like fish
endless in a cloudless sky,
a train derails between the dandelions and grass fields.
Where are the principles of peace?
Sureallism surrounds my heart,
woven in filament silk.

Shore, sand, and water creased by waves.
A kingdom with souls that vibrate.

4 responses to “A Mote Surrounds His Heart NAPO #19

  1. I think this prompt adds that element of surrealism to the poems we have written to it. I know it wasn’t easy but you did a superb job with it. Your imagery, as usual is wonderful,


  2. I love the line about the hoop no longer being tethered, and so much of this piece, Pamela. Your third stanza is gorgeous. In agreement with Elizabeth, your imagery is superb!

  3. Oh, I hadn’t thought of the prompt as one that would prompt surrealism…but that’s what it’s done. And yes, you’ve wound us through the pieces and parts of this prompt with great imagery.

I appreciate all comments.

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