“When We Kissed” The Sunday Whirl #261

I love you with joy.
It splinters my pain as it stretches
against what can be.

I love you there against the destroyed wall
in a city bruised by bullets,
against the sun and wind,
against love that has been.

I love you against summer nights
contrary to the light
as its silent likeness travels
on the sea with September’s approach.

My lips express
night ceremony in ghost places
against invincible death’s smoke.
A warrior trapped in memories sails away.


4 responses to ““When We Kissed” The Sunday Whirl #261

  1. The ricochet of memory, loss and pain is palpable in this wonderful poem Pamela – and yet it has the soul of a warrior who stays too..perhaps that is just as hard as sailing away? Each an unknown journey in a way perhaps.. The opening line stands alone.. And asks to be read both at the beginning and end

  2. How nice for a love so true! Laments of one so dear needs an earful. Great seeing you again Pamelita!


  3. It is lovely – that contrast of love against what has been a scene of horror is particularly effective.

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