Nunca – Napowrimo Day 11

I was inspired when your lakes were suns,
and children were words in the air,
and days were an easy shadow of eternity.
It wasn’t our exact death I was looking for:
It was dust
more credible than memory,
pain more cruel to be divine.

3 responses to “Nunca – Napowrimo Day 11

  1. When we love someone, and then lose them, a piece of our own person goes missing. Like this Pamela,


  2. Yes, there is magic in that time of “going away.” The memory and pain are cruel. But all things change, and so too, that, for better or worse. Wrap yourself in your own embrace, love who you are, and thank you for letting us love you and your words, too.

  3. So good, so good, so good! Your images are compelling. You continue to pack an emotional wallop with a few choice lines.

I appreciate all comments.

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