I am una novata, and am quite delighted these following online and print journals have accepted my work…

Gnarled Oak Journal Issue 2
“Bend Back and Sigh”

Red Wolf Journal-Winter Issue 4
“Lip Gloss Instead”
“Poem Starting with a Line by Stephen Crane”

“Crossing the Invisible Line”
March 2013
Blog owner Mark Butkus

“Nain Rouge”
Issue One (September ’12)
“Peep Shows”

“Red River Review”
August 2012
“En la Mañana con Cafê Solo

“Turbulence Magazine”
Issue Ten (July ’12)
“A Fedora and a Three-piece Suit”

“The Camel Saloon”
July 2012
“Kites Woven in Yarn”
“Little Salsas”

“Jellyfish Whispers”
July 2012
“Colibris on Plaid Blankets”
“Memories Like Silver Spoons”

“Print Oriented Bastards”
Issue Two (spring ’12)
“All the Berries have Different Names”

Issue Two (January ’12)
“Waiting for Sleep”

One response to “Publications

  1. Bravo! 🙂
    Poem on …

I appreciate all comments.

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