“I wish I’d never read it” Tuesday Tryouts-Margo Roby @ wordgathering

A lost letter found, adhered to my ceiling
Forcefully I brought it down to see what lay inside

In penmanship so eloquent I stood bemused and read:

Legacy is treachery, I cannot stand against its storm

My knees are now but twisted knots, a fragile waste of circled blood

Divinity of purpose hidden deep within its soul;
answers concentrated in their obvious rejection

Bemusement wanders hopelessly, placed inside my sachet
of letters I will never read again

6 responses to ““I wish I’d never read it” Tuesday Tryouts-Margo Roby @ wordgathering

  1. Now that is an interesting take on found, Pamela. I tend to think of finding as a good thing, but it isn’t always. One can also find a mistake, find out something negative…all sorts of things. Thank you for showing me a different perspective. And the title certainly says it all.


  2. I love the connection between bloodied knees and divinity. This is excellent writing.

  3. Certainly bruised, Brenda. 🙂

  4. We went through days of rain a week or so ago. Not fun. I will have to check out this prompt site.

    • Mary, I am not fond of rain, and it affects my mood terribly when it is non-stop, no sun, wet, wet , wet … today it seems the sun is trying to peek its head out.
      Yes, check out Margo’s site. She has good prompts, and informative material. Tuesday is prompt day, Thursday is an educational romp 🙂

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