“Otoño Hides Behind The Veil” The Sunday Whirl #33

Leave the garage door ajar, letting
light stream a mosquito’s ballet,
soft filaments, stranger than ever

Exhaust fumes, laden populations

Succulence hangs in daytime; air
markets, vanilla beans in opal burettes;
be sure to carry crayons on dark boulevards …

marking cursory, precipice edge

Subtle changes, December’s wind,
peeking through amorous eaves of
Autumn, genuflected, solemn …

living with an inkling of trivet’s love

Staled mission, crusted in
past, bark flows tree to
ground, shadow’s age enhanced

process notes: We are experiencing a very mild winter here, it’s rather warm during the day, high 70’s and at night it dips down into the low 30’s. Perfect weather for the flu.


17 responses to ““Otoño Hides Behind The Veil” The Sunday Whirl #33

  1. Oh Yuck. Flu is awful any time of the year, I do hope you feel so much better soon. Lovely use of the wordle words, so nice to see the local life reflected in your piece. Thanks so much for your really nice comments.

    • Bren, thanks, but I don’t have the flu, yet. My husband has it, so I will be next. I have been thinking about how the mosquitoes survive is this weather. I thought the little buggers died when it got too cold. 🙂 However, two of my students were being bitten alive last week on my patio.
      I always enjoy your wordle contributions.

  2. You have brought a whole new dimension to those tricky wordle words. Bravo. I hope you are not truly suffering from the flu, or if you are, that it soon passes.

    • Viv, A new dimension, aptly put, and thanks. I don’t have the flu yet, but my husband does, so we know who will be next. While, I truly love the weather here, when I am out in the day it is hot, and then when I arrive home it is cold. The ground floor of my home is never warm, anytime of the year. But, I still wonder about the mosquitoes 🙂

  3. Fresh and edgy use of the wordle words, Pamela! I love this piece. Had to look up ‘burettes.’ Always enjoy new words!

  4. magicalmysticalteacher

    “be sure to carry crayons on dark boulevards …”

    I don’t often ask for explanations of poetic images, although I’d like to make an exception in this case. Could you enlighten me, please? Thanks! 🙂

    Whirling Haiku

  5. mmt, I suppose that comes from being a teacher here. I felt as if the image fit. Little children have such a beautiful innocence to them, as if they are colouring the dark paths with their light. I hope that makes some sense. Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂

  6. There is a strange disorienting feeling when one season hides in another – you’ve captured that here well. At least, that is how I read it!

  7. Kelly, it seems the seasons hide in spring here. It is never truly hot, nor freezing. So, yes, that is a very good assessment of this poem.

  8. A malaise weaves its way through your words, starting with those pesky mosquitoes. I see no use for them. I’d miss the cold, and double curse those dang bugs in your part of the world. It is wonderful that you share it with us so often, a taste is always welcome.
    The idea of carrying crayons is a good one. I love that line.

  9. Pamela, you characterized this time of year so well.(This year is the first year in a while that I am NOT getting a flu shot.)

  10. Nice wordling, Pamela! Enjoy the mildness of your lovely winter weather.

  11. Love the title – Autumn seems like it won’t give up on you, Pamelita. Hope you do not catch that nasty flu from your husband, but thinking about how good your marriage is… you probably will!
    This poem is so steeped in images. A portrait for the soul. Paz, Amy

  12. Pamelita,
    Nice twist to Pamela. Get the flu bug busy elsewhere. It has no business anywhere in the house. My wife would shove to me all the Panadol she has on hearing my first sneeze. It does work. Down them fast and prevent the flu progress .


  13. If this how flu weather makes you write, then I can list at least one positive effect. Your writing is terrific.

    I could see someone marking a wall with a red crayon, marking the end of safe territory. It’s sad my mind works like that.

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