The Toad’s Mouth The Sunday Whirl #202

These are tough times in the south.
Not in the trample of the country without
a world where the seasons change
and don’t change and winter
doesn’t occur at Christmas.

Hidden images are nations without
half the year in barbarian regions;  rock,
coiron and ice sting extensive plains
to terra of threshed string rosary
of islas. peaks of range, snowfall surrounding
the horizon far away.

Installed in silence here since the birth of
time and interrupted by the beginning sighs
of underground glaciers sliding slowly into the sea,

7 responses to “The Toad’s Mouth The Sunday Whirl #202

  1. What a beautiful piece – the repetition almost like the unheard erosion…wonderful…peaceful Sunday to you Pamela xo

  2. I love the ‘time’, or ‘timing’ of this piece…slow like a glacier….

  3. “underground glaciers sliding slowly into the sea”—ugh…..ominous ending 😦

  4. I too, like the slow timing of this piece, a historical geography lesson. Really like the imagery, it reminded me of a snow globe shaken, then watched carefully as it whirls to settle.


  5. How beautifully told and evocative this is Pamela…a really wonderful poem.

  6. What beautiful alliteration in the last line to complete such visual writing.

  7. Such a wonderful experience to be in a country with pleasant mysteries that offers lots of potential for personal discoveries! Great lines Pamelita!


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